Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Рентген диагностика

Не смотря на то, что рентген-диагностика уже отметила столетие своего возникновения, рентгенологический метод не только остается актуальным, но и во многих случаях единственно эффективным для постановки диагноза.


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Photo 01Not long ago the main instruments of a veterinary doctor were his own eyes, hands and experience. Whereas now every year veterinary medicine in Ukraine is getting more and more closer to the category of precise sciences. In some respect this is due to modern equipment. The constant development of new technologies, which are then introduced into medical practice bring veterinaries to a completely different level.

Currently ultrasound examination - is a much safer and reliable method of diagnosis of the many illnesses of internal organs, such as: liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall, bladder, prostate gland, womb, ovaries etc... Ultrasound method is irreplaceable of visually diagnosing tumours of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space, existence of free fluid in the abdominal and thoracic cavities. Ultrasonography for animals is successfully applied for diagnosing pregnancy, its pathology, the healthiness of the embryos, as well as for identifying abnormalities in the development of the internal organs.

photo 02Please note that Veterinary Centre “Greta” was the first in Ukraine to use ultrasound method for diagnosing illnesses in small pets. From 1998 our staff have gained tremendous experience in this field. In our clinic, in the ultrasound diagnosis department, includes three permanent ultrasound scanners which are equipped with multifrequency microconvex, convex and linear sensors which use diapason of frequency from 3.5 to 12MHz.

photo 02The Clinic “Greta” is particularly proud to announce that it now has a premium-class multifunctional ultrasound system, which is fully complete with an improvement programme for visualizing tissue, colour Doppler mapping and pulse-wave Doppler mode. Such equipment allows us to diagnose on the most modern and advanced level and can be used not only for abdominal analysis and studies “small” organs (breasts, testes, but also peripheral lymph nodes and so on.), but also for studying muscular-joints and cardiovascular systems. The apparatus is provided with a Clip- function, which gives an opportunity during the study process to preserve not only individual images, but their collection.

photo 04There isn’t a doubt that this kind of diagnosis method supports almost all directions of clinical work of the Centre, and it serves well to our doctors in their hard work for the health of animals.

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Veterinary center Greta