Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Services Therapy & Surgery

Therapy and Animal Surgery

The Therapy department in the veterinary Centre Greta works 24 hours a day, this gives 24terapiaan opportunity for the owners of our patients to ask for help at any time. We offer a Free check-up for your pet, which gives us the opportunity to find out how difficult the condition really is. In addition we also do additional necessary research and procedures.

Medical internist in the process of the check-up can recommend diagnosis measures(ultrasound, x-ray, laboratory tests ) depending on the evidence. Veterinary nurse will carry out the relevant procedures. For the convenience of our patients, we have 24hour consultations by phone (we hold discussions about the condition that the animal is in, future plans and double check the future procedures). Repeated visits for check-ups are also free. We gladly explain how we prepare an animal for vaccination, how we instruct to give first-aid before the arrival to the clinic, which ways (therapies) are more effective to get rid of worms and forceps, the correct diet for your pet and answer any other questions which are of interest.

We recently in our Centre had a new service “Active Control” and “Reminder” which are carried out by telephone and the system also clarifies; the general condition the animal is in, the full-value of the accomplished recommendations, as well as reminders of future prophylactic events, their dates and future appointments.


Surgical treatment of animals is carried out in case of failure or low efficiency of conservative therapy. Our sterile conditions in our operating theatres are ranked at the highest of levels. This is a separate section of our Clinic with a preoperative room and the operative theatre. The operating theatre is equipped with the latest equipment such as; ventilation device that provides oxygen during deep anaesthesia, heart monitor to track the heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation and other life important equipment.

oper3In order to maintain the required sterile conditions various ways are used such as bactericidal irradiators dried heaters for instruments and surgical linen, disinfectants, farmalin cameras, disposable materials and tools. To conduct surgery the operating team are used, who are:

  • Surgeon;
  • Assistant surgeon;
  • Anaesthesiologist;
  • Operating nurses

Such team of operating staff provides great teamwork, which reduces time in the operational interference, bring the animal under the influence of anaesthesia. Before releasing the animal from the anaesthesia the Anaesthesiologist looks after his liability, then when the animal is in a stabilized condition he is passed for further observations and treatment in the night-and-day hospital department, where the animal is placed in a special intensive care unit, and spends its first postoperative day under strict supervision of a doctor on duty and paramedics.

All physiological signs of your pet are monitored with the necessary rate and the observations are written down. Each part of the intensive care unit in Greta is isolated, and only used individually by your animal. Each part of postoperative intensive care unit is equipped with artificial lung ventilation apparatus and kit for emergency care.

By this means with the modern equipment of the Centre, qualified specialists, the respect, experience and the absolute attention to our patients ensures the effectiveness and the high standards of the help we offer them, even in the most difficult medical situation.

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