Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Pet Care

pet care

General appearance, mood, hair and skin of the animal is said to be a "mirror" reflection of his health. The appearance of any pet is directly related to metabolism in the body, regular and nutritious meals, timing of/and adequate care for hair and skin. Dry, brittle and dull hair, hair loss, presence of dandruff, premature greying appearance may be signs of improper care of animals. Of course, all this may be the cause of any serious illness in the body, but if the animal is behaving normally, is active and with a good appetite, it is primarily the owners who should think about proper care of the animal.

The following are factors in which the owner must keep the animal independently or with the help of veterinary professionals throughout the life of their pet:

pet care
  1. Correct, that is full, balanced and regular meals.
  2. Appropriate physical activity.
  3. Hair care and skin care - bathing, combing, skin treatment, grooming (if this is necessary).
  4. Cutting of claws.
  5. Cleaning the eyes and ears.
  6. Removal of dental tartar.
  7. Cleaning of the paraanal glands.
  8. De-worming.
  9. Vaccinations.

The cosmetic care section refers directly to points 2-4, but, nevertheless, all these items are integral to the overall animal care and seriously affect the state of the animal body and quality of life.

pet care

1. Proper nutrition for the animal may be in the form of "ordinary" food, or in the form of ready-made feed. The so-called "ordinary" food for adult animals (cats, dogs) should be balanced and consist of approximately 30% fat (porridge) and 70% protein (lean meat). In addition the diet 2-3 times a year should include vitamin-mineral supplements, the choice and duration of which are selected individually by the owner. Today the animal market provides lots of kinds of ready-made feeds, which provide complete and balanced nutrition, and often with one or another therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is arguable to feed the dog/animal only by this ready-made special food and it will bring no harm.

2. Sufficient physical activity is required for the animal to support the body in the required physical tone. The animal must be able to move freely during the whole time and plus have a complete walk, taking into account individual characteristics.

pet care

3. Bathing and combing of fur should be regular and necessary procedure, it is done to get rid of the extent dirt on the surface of the skin and/or coat. There are different opinions about how often animals should be bathed (mostly in this case dogs) and as a whole, how frequent bathing is harmful to the animal's skin. The specialists of our clinic do not recommend to get carried away by bathing - plan to bathe dogs with shampoo several times a year and only when they get really dirty. In the standard procedure of washing the animal after a walk, if it is possible, limit the wash only with water. Haircutting of animals can be divided into pedigree and beauty. Pedigrees speaks for itself and are carried out by experienced, qualified dog groomers which know the specific breed standards. Cosmetic haircut - are haircuts that do not belong to the necessary strict breed standards and are done “for themselves”, i.e. to maintain the desired species of the animal and simplify grooming of the fur of the animal, preventing formation of tangles, etc.

pet care

4. Trimming claws is necessary in the case of when the animal doesn’t grind down their claws enough in their daily lives. Tips of claws are trimmed so that they do not grow longer than their normal length and, to cause less risk of injury in the movement of the animal. In extremely neglected cases the excessively long claws can grow into the soft tissue and lead for the need of an operation to quickly resolve the problem.

5. Cleaning the eyes and ears is needed to remove defluvium and crusts in the corners of the eyes, earwax from the ears of the animal. Periodic cleaning or at least checking the ear passages allow time to detect enthetic bodies inside the ear, which are often unnoticed and cause discomfort to the animal, and sometimes are the reason for diseases.

6. Removal of dental tartar should be done in a veterinary clinic if indicated. These indications are - the presence of strong debris and rocky formations at the base of the teeth and, as a consequence, the appearance of halitosis from the animal. Long-existing dental tartar which quickly leads to inflammatory processes in the gums - periodontitis in which eventually causes the loss of teeth. But the loss of teeth is not the only consequence of dental tartar. With long-term presence of plaque and the development of the inflammatory processes it is a general "poisoning, intoxication of the organism, which adversely affects the vital activity of all internal organs.

pet care

7. Cleaning of the paraanal glands is carried out once or twice a year to delete the contents of these glands and prevent the development of inflammation in the paraanal zone. In addition, stagnant paraanal glands can cause persistent bad smell.

8. In whatever perfect conditions your pet may live in and whatever selective food it is fed with, it is still one of our four-legged friends who tend to pull everything in their mouth. And for this reason it is necessary once every three or four months to carry out a de-worming course, in other words, an anthelminthic activity. For this purpose, the animal is given the appropriate medication, the dose which is calculated by weight of the animal.

9. Vaccination of animals is necessary for the prevention of viral diseases in animals, including such deadly diseases as rabies. Vaccination of animals begins at 1 2 months of age and continues throughout the animals’ life.

In conclusion, in all we have said, we want to wish you to never forget to fully monitor the health of your animal and perform all the necessary measures aimed at maintaining his health. This will ensure a full quality, and happy life for you both!

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