Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Донецкий Ветеринарный
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Veterinary Services

The following are veterinary services that the Veterinary Centre “Greta” offers:
  • Therapy (therapeutic complex cases are submitted for clinic staff discussion, the state of the patients are actively monitored by staff of the clinic);
  • Surgery (all the operational aids of high category complexity are done by the operating team, which includes; surgeon, assistant, anaesthetist, surgical nurse in the sterile operating room with the use of oxygen ventilator and monitor for tracking the activity of the heart, the temperature of the animal and the level of blood oxygen);
  • Ultrasound diagnosis in colour shown on a high quality premium scanner;
  • Digital X-ray diagnosis of European standard (with the opportunity to print images on X-ray film);
  • Laboratory diagnosis (general clinical and biochemical blood tests, studies of skin, urine and faeces, blood tests for piroplasmosis and dirofilariasis);
  • Endoscopy;
  • Vaccination;
  • Sterilization;
  • Stomatology;
  • Traumatology;
  • Dermatology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Oncology
  • Treatment in Day-and-Night Hospital (spacious air-conditioned rooms, some of which are equipped with insulated floors, with staff working round the clock);
  • Dog advice;
  • Chipping
  • Hotel
  • Care for pets (grooming, combing, bathing)
Veterinary center Greta