Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Стационар для животных

В нашей клинике работает стационар для животных. На сегодняшний день, стационар Ветеринарного Центра «Грэта» является лучшим в Украине по своей комфортабельности как для пациентов, так и для их хозяев.


Charity Public activity Event "Donetsk paws - 6"

Public activity

Event "Donetsk paws - 6"

donetskie_lapy_sm On 25th September, 2010 the sixth event of "Donetsk Paws” took place.».

Donetsk Shelter for homeless animals “PIF” together with the Veterinary Centre “Greta” lead the sixth event “Donetsk Paws” which was aimed at finding new owners for dogs from the Shelter “PIF”..

On Friday, the day before the event, all nineteen dogs, the participants, were bathed and groomed in the Centre "Greta".

The event started on Saturday at 12 am and lasted for four hours.

The weather pleased us all - it was warm and sunny, it meant more people came to the boulevard, more looked at the animals that participated in the event, and others just got some information about the actions and charitable activities aimed at protecting animals and, in particular, adoption of dogs from the dog shelter.

During the campaign were distributed to about five hundred information leaflets, collected donations and sold souvenirs - the stylish T-shirts Donetsk feet, cups featuring the shelter dogs, magnets, calendars, key rings. All collected funds were used to shelter pets.



The sound and music was organized by the undisputed conductor of the event - Alexey Lutsenko.



Customers received handouts of tasty treats from TM Luchiano - cakes and sandwiches.

We hope that the past event will have results and many animals in a short time will find a home. Already on the very next day, Sunday, people who attended the event took a puppy from a shelter.

This photo shows a dog - the protesters of “Donetsk Paws- 6”. All of them today are looking for a new home. Look into their eyes! Maybe they are waiting just for you!

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