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Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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УЗИ для животных

На сегодняшний день ультразвуковое исследование - это наиболее безопасный и достоверный способ диагностики подавляющего большинства заболеваний внутренних органов. УЗИ для животных успешно применяется при определении беременности, ее патологии, жизнеспособности плодов, а также для выявления аномалий развития внутренних органов.


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Now in Treatment



On the evening of 15th September, 2010, we had a dog brought to our Centre with stale open fractures of both hind limbs. The poor thing was hit by a car several days ago.


The examination revealed total necrosis of soft tissue with tendon ruptures, muscles, ligaments, with bareness of bones on the leg and feet, with lots of maggots. The dog moved on his front legs, as the rear weren’t functional. The X-ray revealed multiple fractures of the shin bone, feet and pelvis. The thought of amputating both pelvic limbs was considered, but since it would be absolute suffering for any animal, it was decided to try to save his paws. Cleaning and wound treatment were carried out, imposed dressings, and Lisik was appointed strong potent anti-inflammatory wound-healing therapy. From that moment the long journey to recovery began, with the hope of a miracle.

21st of September: Lisik was in a stable state. Granulation of tissues has occured. The dog has started to use the right hind paw, but more movement is carried out on the two front feet. The left hind leg is recovering, but most likely Lisik will not be able to use it.


During Lisiks’ treatment, the Centre received daily financial help. Residents of Donetsk and Donetsk Region, who care about the fate of the animal, brought medicine, food and money. Many thanks to those caring people who are:
Alexander Mironenko, Masha Turkova, Ekaterina Golenko, Raisa Rogova, Inessa from Mariupol, Christina, Arifa, Evgenyi, Marina Timofeeva, Julia D, the-bat. Other people who provided material help through donations to the shelter, "PIF" whose names are unfortunately not known.

23rd of September: there was a change in treatment, granulation of tissues continues, the overall state of Lisik is good. Our teamwork work and hope give positive results.


24th September: Lisik feels quite good. Whilst walking he begins to use one of the hind limbs. Watch the video, see how he is recovering and using his hind limb.

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Lisik currently needs: Betadine, ointment "Levosin (Levomekol), hygroscopic diapers. All this can be purchased in medicine chemists. Lisik would be a “very happy chappie” as he wouldn’t reject any treats!

5th October: The following are Lisiks treatment results:



11th October:

Lisik began to move more, has started to place more weight on the rear right leg, has become more active. His appetite and overall state is normal.


19th October – Lisik is recovering. Whilst all of us, who participated in his hard fate, are glad that the miracle has happened, what we all hoped for at the beginning of treatment.

lisiknorm.sml lisik.dr.sml lisik.kl.sml

6th November. Lisik still don't use one hind leg, but on the other three runs great! From the old wounds left only footprints. And the most important event - a new home!

lis_sml lisikneusml

6th November Lees found a new home! And his owner!





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