Animals in Treatment

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Донецкий Ветеринарный
Диагностический Центр


Рентген диагностика

Не смотря на то, что рентген-диагностика уже отметила столетие своего возникновения, рентгенологический метод не только остается актуальным, но и во многих случаях единственно эффективным для постановки диагноза.


Charity Animals in Treatment History Leo

Animals in Treatment - History


leo2-18Charming boy, Leo joined us for treatment on 10th of April 10 2010, he was found outside the shelter. Noticeably Leo was limping on his front leg, but his general condition was satisfactory.

After being inspected by the trauma surgeon, Leo was diagnosed, which was later confirmed by X-ray examination with chronic, incorrectly fused fracture in the wrist area of the foreleg. Leo was operated on, and had a plaster cast imposed.leo

leo_smlLeo found it hard to use his injured leg, it took him months to recover.



During this time, thanks to the shelter, "PIF", Leo found an owner, who would care for him after discharge.



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