Animals in Treatment

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Донецкий Ветеринарный
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Рентген диагностика

Не смотря на то, что рентген-диагностика уже отметила столетие своего возникновения, рентгенологический метод не только остается актуальным, но и во многих случаях единственно эффективным для постановки диагноза.


Charity Animals in Treatment History

Animals in Treatment - History

malish1smlMalish” Translated as “Baby” was brought to our Center on 14th December with an open fracture of the foreleg. The mechanism of injury is unknown, as the dog lives on the streets of the private sector.


On a foggy evening on the edge of the road a puppy was found in an immobilized state, which was hit by a car a few days ago. Nobody decided to help the poor animal all this time. He was picked up by kind people who immediately turned for our help.

bi-smlOn the 6th December a one year old puppy was found at the roadside, once again the victim of "human" behavior.



palkan1smlOn the 22nd of November we received a call from the company which many years ago we signed a contract to provide veterinary care to their guard dogs.

anri smlOn the 21st of November our Centre received a call from an orphanage, who brought a dog with a broken hind leg. From the little history, it became clear that the dog was thrown out by his owners who went abroad to live and the dog lived in his home yard where good and kind neighbors fed him. However not all neighbors are kind, as the dog experienced for himself. The hungry dog came to ask for food from others and they broke his leg- reason being either from fear of the dog, or too good love for animals.

dryjoksmlOn the 22nd November a dog was brought to the Centre with a fractured limb. The dog lived in a yard of some flats. Those kind general public who lived there fed him and gave him care.

rozasmlNot long ago, the shelter received newly discovered dog from the street who had an injury of the left front paw. The animal didn’t not rely on the injured limb, the paw was just "hanging" in the carpal joint swelling and fistula area.

cherepaxasmlOn the 9th November a cat was brought to our Centre. It was found near an entrance where a girl could not walk past an ill "lump." How she (Cat named Turtle) got an injury we can only guess because stray animals are unfortunately not protected from the other inhabitants of the streets.

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