Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Донецкий Ветеринарный
Диагностический Центр



This section is devoted to charitable activities of our Centre, which leads in giving first aid and medical care to homeless animals. Most of these animals come to us from a shelter, “PIF”, with whom we cooperate closely.

In "Animals in treatment " section you'll learn about the animals that were or are being treated at present and what kind of help you can give these animals. Here not all the animals are mentioned that are or have been treated in our centre, but only those who are left in our day-and-night hospital for treatment. Generally they are animals with serious illnesses, and animals that require surgery.

In the "Lost and Found" section we post information about lost and found animals. If you have lost your pet or found an animal in the street, please let us know by phone or use the message function in the "lost and found" and we will promptly post the information on this site. If possible, attach a photo of the animal.

The “Adoptable-Pet Classifieds" Section contains information about animals that are looking for new owner/ family.

In the "Community Help ” section, it informs you about upcoming public events, press conferences, television broadcasts related to the issue of animal protection.

In the "Donations and your Help" section it explains how you can help the sick homeless animals in our clinic, animal shelter, and thereby facilitate and make their life easier.

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