Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования

Программа медицинского ветеринарного страхования


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Chipping pets

Chipping - a method of identifying pets, which is adopted as a standard procedure in all developed countries.

In 2003 Veterinary Centre Greta was the first in Ukraine that began to use chipping of animals.

What is Chipping?

During chipping, animals are injected with a microcrystal under the skin near the withers, which has a unique fifteen digit code. Under the code in the database of chipped animals, is kept all the information about the animal and its owner, including home addresses, telephone numbers, latest immunizations, chronic illness, etc.

The ratio of the size of the chip with the size of a postage stamp
(The ratio of the size of the chip with the size of a postage stamp)

How is chipping done and how is the code read?

The chip is introduced by a subcutaneous injection needle in the withers of the animal. The injection needle and the chip that is inside it, are sterile, which prevents infection during injection. After the chipping procedure, a registration form is filled, with information about the animal and its owner. The same information is entered into the database of chipped animals.

The process of chipping your pet
(The process of chipping your pet)

To read the chip ID a special scanner is used. By knowing the number of the chip you can get information from the database in which the chip is registered in about the animal and its owner.

The scanner to read the chip code
(The scanner to read the chip code)

What is it needed for?

With the help of the code from the microchip your animal, and subsequently received information from the database, you can learn about the owners and the residence of the animal in case of loss. Your animal will be found quickly, even if you live in a small provincial town in Ukraine, and lose it in the suburbs of Melbourne. Also, you can confirm your ownership of the animal if it is stolen.

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